Debunking HVAC Myths – Bruton Comfort Control Demystifies the HVAC Industry

The HVAC industry is often subject to a myriad of misconceptions that can lead to inefficient operation and increased energy costs. One such company, Bruton Comfort Control, has made it their goal to dispel these myths. If you’re looking for top-tier HVAC services in Beaverton, OR, they are the go-to professionals.

Myth #1: The Bigger, The Better

Perhaps one of the most common HVAC myths is that larger systems will yield better results. This is far from true. A system that’s too large for a space can lead to an uncomfortable environment due to inconsistent temperatures and diminished air quality. Additionally, it will undoubtedly use more energy, leading to an increase in running costs. When it comes to HVAC systems, the key is to have appropriate sizing for your space. Bruton Comfort Control will determine the right size for optimal efficiency and comfort.

Myth #2: You Only Need to Change Your Filters Annually

Another ubiquitous myth suggests that filters only need to be changed once a year. However, it’s recommended that standard filters be changed every 30-90 days. This frequency will prevent dust and other allergens from circulating in your home or business. Moreover, regular changing of filters ensures your HVAC system runs optimally. You can trust Bruton Comfort Control to handle this aspect of HVAC system maintenance for you.

Myth #3: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

Many homeowners believe that shutting vents in unused rooms will save energy. However, your HVAC system functions on a balance of pressure. Closing vents can disrupt that balance, leading to an inefficient system and increased costs over time. Trust the expertise of Bruton Comfort Control, a company providing qualified energy-saving advice and practical solutions.

In conclusion, Bruton Comfort Control is dedicated to debunking HVAC myths and providing quality service to ensure your system is operating efficiently and at peak performance. Their expertly trained staff serves Beaverton, OR, with a commitment to customer satisfaction and superior HVAC service. So forget the myths, and trust the experts.